Thursday, 30 April 2015


'Pon the day of fire Summer begins,
hedges glisten, the hawthorn flow'rs, 
the Pleiades 'pon dawn's shoulders glister,
ere Beltane's Sun his first gold show'rs.

From Winter's rest into fervour released,
o'er growth and greening he presides,
primrose, marigolds, his radiance evoke,
tend'rest shoots to leafing he guides.

Earth rejoices, as the days longer grow,
Nature his rousing call must heed,
the arduous path to fruition tread,
breath enkindle in ev'ry seed.

The Great Fire cattle and pastures shall bless,
young crops from frost and blight preserve,
form and spirit shall his warmth pure render,
triumph of Light shall we observe.

'Round bonfires we dance, in song revel,
our cattle betwixt flames we drive,
burning brands to kitchens and hearths we tote,
for Springtide's blazes to revive.

This eve the Maiden the Horned God shall wed,
'pon forest verdure shall they pair,
in their sacred union shall all rejoice,
Samhain's bounty her womb shall bear.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: John Collier

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Marvels, of air and matter
woven, light and
lightness ephemeral made, 
the earthly and the
celestial they bind. Each of
the other bereft would
they inutile lie; in unison
alone they invoke swiftness
and graceful motion.

'Pon them birds ascend and
soar, hover, weave
and twirl thro' waves unseen,
these sails and anchors
alike to Nature's choristers.
Their hollow bones
they guard, as feathered
sentinels their fragility flank.

Butterflies their twain join at
rest, as praying hands
in gratitude for Earth's bounty.
Moths' slumbers they blanket,
to seeds spell hope,
promise of journeys to fertile
spreads, of fruition,
of perpetual blooming.

Alas, to earthly realms bound,
the soul knows not its
bygone flight. Winged words
and metaphors lofty
man's ineffable yearning limn,
tho' to him it be a mystery.

Glorious must the soul's wings
be, these discarnate
pinions mortal eyes ne'er shall
see, for echoes of their
fluttering the seeker to 
transcendence lead. Aye, e'en 
the deeply immured 
must in dreams recall ancient
pilgrimages 'pon
radiant wing thro' the ether.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Eosphorus I sought that blessed
dawn, for by his glow those
sinless hours to pass, for my own
soul's silence to seek, ere
day's clamour its peace consumed.

His fair mother I invoked,
when sudden the air effloresced!

Out of the deep stillness nymphly
shapes rose into the pale,
waking light, clad in veils of argent
and gold, with rainbows girded.

As spirits in an enchanted dream
they curled and wound
thro' the growing mist, as
diaphanous violet ribbons 
into their floating forms merged.

Each moment a hallowed harmony
of hues and motion held;
the shallow glimmer of their 
vestments the cool air threaded,
at daybreak to gild and
silver early Winter's song. 

'Twas as though these divine sprites
to the condition of Nature's
music aspired, for this vision, 
this apotheosis of beauty,
my weary soul restored, as though
from Elysium's own chalice
I had imbibed.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Evelyn de Morgan

Friday, 24 April 2015


Thy vital Fire an immortal spark kindled, 
thou glorious Day Star, 
guardian of pledges, bestower of sight. 
Awaken, Elysium's mighty
instrument, by its law commissioned to 
rain Gold 'pon gods and mortals alike,
for the Anemoi and the Horae
thy command await.

Thy golden chariot prepare, thy flaming
steeds bridle, for streams
of Life and Hope to shower 'pon squalor
and splendour, 'pon the
virtuous and depraved. By thy renewing
radiance shall they be
purged of their inmost darkness.

Rouse man from his slumber, his body
nourish, his spirit enliven
with the gods' own light. Their
benevolence bespeak in
hearths and hearts, for at thy doors of
mercy shall all receive.

Thine aureole upon fields alights, births
myriad miniature Suns, that
Earth thy hues may wear thro' Night's
reign. In their earth stained
hearts, thou blazing sphere, dost thou
secrete thy shadows, for such are
Earth's domain, thus mortals premise. 

No honour dost thou covet, nor divine
accolade. Godlike art thou,
yet, 'pon earthly realms not deathless. 
Thy splendour shall dim,
thy children perish; thy guttering flame
shall new worlds thro' stellar mists espy.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Anton Raphael Mengs

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Her deepest self the dance of
Sunlight renders 'pon 
Spring's canvas. Of darkness 
wrought, this shrouded
vessel her brightest blessings 
embosoms, by night and 
by day, a haven for memories 
of beatitude and torment.

Rubies of felicity, onyxes of
deepest dolour,
emeralds of hope, amethyst
stars of transcendence, 
she layers between misty veils.

This trove's golden key to Dawn
she entrusts; 
to the goddess alone she grants
custodianship of
her treasures. With tears of joy
and woe she anoints
them at daybreak, counts each
gem, as the Queen of Sheba 
her jewels, bathes in
their liquescent iridescence.

Alas, Eos bides but fleetingly
'pon earthly realms.
Still, ev'ry first light her shadow
shimmers, its vaults
awash in coral rays, studded with
incandescent moments,
their sparkle renewed by penance
and prayer,
by gratitude and insight.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image: GATES OF DAWN (edited)
Artist: Herbert James Draper

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Lead me, Sleep, child of night 
and darkness, into your sunless
cave! Bid your sons, my tethers
to life's rhythm, attend me
thro' this somnolent journey!

Bright visions shall flow into
grey phantasms, many to perish
in the river of forgetfulness,
others to float upon its waves,
these playthings of tempests
and currents.

Their brethren shall haunt my
waking hours, for the eye dreams
by night and by day, reminisces
thro' every breath, each moment 
a kaleidoscopic rendering of
the selfsame fragments, 
of yesterdays and tomorrows.

Memory is its palette, imagination,
its wellspring, oft melding into
consciousness, plotting day's
images with its stylus, colouring
its spaces with illusions.

Impasto of perception and verity,
of deception and clarity, it renders
upon the mind's canvas, images
contrived to please the ego.

Truth eludes the eye, the ego, for it
is the province of the Soul.
This Beauty, more resplendent than
all Earth shall ever see, soars
thro' realms of the Infinite Eye 
behind watercolour skies.

The eye and the Soul; their fates the
Universe intertwined, this mystical
marriage ordained, for, as one
traverses earthly paths, the other
charts its triumphal progression
beyond the Golden Gates.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image source:
Artist: Edward Robert Hughes

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Atop a blooming spire I reigned,
Spring's verdant spreads surveyed,
'neath faerie skies with my sisters fair
to vernal music swayed.

Alas, pewter clouds my course presaged,
'pon dark earth now I lie,
fruition's gift tho' I am denied,
I would live, ere I die.

'Neath blossom'd canopy I repose,
my eyes the Sun's arc trace,
erelong shall his hallowed gilded rays
my path to Heaven grace.

My gaze 'pon a lily's nimbus falls,
'pon green blades of reedmace,
the dragonfly's silver spear follows
to the beck's fir'lit face.

O'er the wind's sibilant notes he glides
'pon pale, tremulous wing,
tarries, sudden darts away, as tho'
thrust from an airy sling. 

Fain would I as a caravel fey
o'er scented breezes sail,
but my sparkle wanes as the day grows,
at dawn shall my breath fail.

The gloaming this day betimes descends,
my heady fragrance fades,
still, I smile, for my sisters' sweetness
the twilit air pervades.

A breeze my drooping form animates,
restoring vapours show'rs,
argent rillets the moon 'pon Earth rains,
silver tints fallen flow'rs.

Woodsmen's homeward pathway we spangle
with wimpling streams of light,
blossom lamps, tho' their flames fast dwindle, 
the swells of darkness smite.

This, a last earthly service rendered,
my life force shall abate,
my torment cease, my petals perish,
timeless sleep shall await.

Of a white walk thro' the clouds I dream,
of misty swathes on high,
Anon shall yon crystal blue gong sound,
leagued with dawn's gentle eye.

Into celestial tides shall I drift
o'er morning's golden beams,
atop a Heav'nly Spire to rest,
if this He fitting deems.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image source:
Artist: John William Godward

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Flowers of her reverie Zephyrus
scatters to the skies, meadows
of leafless alabaster moulds
from brume and dawn;
'mid their airy swells her course
she charts, scented delights of
vernal feasting contrives.

Dreams and waking in her breath
unite, in her golden fingers
poised, for Elysium's will to trace
'pon earthly spreads.
Moments silent tread in deference
to Zeus' emissary, divine agency
of birth and blossoming. 

Nacred green she melds into violet
fringing primrose;
tangled branches, supple, sinuous,
into bowers she braids, for the Sun
to ensnare, for his radiance
to rain into willing hearts, whence  
her victory she proclaims.

Silvered bells her praises ring,
as the myrtle with pearly blooms
she dusts. Gilded goblets gleeful
girth glowing waters,
their nectar with perfumed showers
alloy, her sacred realm pledge,
her restoring reign. 

Thrushes' songs 'pon verduous
waves glide, with her own tune
merge. This varicoloured carillon
into the enchanted air she flings,
for the Horae to honour, for this
ancient sequence to exalt,
for the glory of Time.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image source:

Friday, 10 April 2015


My treasured lyr' I joyful string,
sweetest paeans to Spring compose,
with meadow larks my sisters sing,
as 'pon her green robes they repose.

The woods she fills with violet scents,
with purple stars the hedges studs,
o'er barren boughs she loving bends,
into the dawn bids bashful buds.

'Neath her touch tender petals swell,
jubilant hues the valleys throng,
of such the chirping minstrels tell,
blooms' whispers weave into their song.

Her fragrance mingles with the tides,
as dawn's mist hovers o'er the lake,
'pon gilded wafts she gentle glides,
drifts of bluebells leaves in her wake.

Her pale beams o'er the treetops swirl,
as honey thro' the branches run,
'long tender bark sweet droplets pearl,
as jewels glisten in the sun.

Her blooming would I emulate,
may vernal chimes my refrains trim,
my airs to her realms elevate, 
as earthly souls with her light brim.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti