Sunday, 31 May 2015


Summer's first golden spear splinters
the pale dawn haze Spring's
vision rendered mauve. Her wistful
gaze follows shattered lilac
dreams as they meld with her fading
violet vestments.

Breezes murmur over misty tendrils into
sallow branches, their airy script 
tracing unnameable tints of skies aglow
with longing high above myriad drooping
violet heads.

Infant fruit waken, clothed in pastel hues,
each an affirmation of Nature's quest,
the Great Cycle's onward march upon
paths that once were arrayed in Earth's
violet smiles.

Anon shall June's white gold melt into
pale green cheeks, beckoning
forth gay splashes of ruby and sapphire,
for to embellish her verdant
draperies, such to lay upon weeping

Roseate spume cloaks emerald swathes
bathed in tears of dolorous blue. 
Spring yields her throne to Summer, as the
meadows slumber enfolded in scented
violet dreams.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Henry Meynell Rheams

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Truth perished in blackened maws,
the skies rained gritty greyness
in commiseration with Earth's raw,
ragged retching.

The season of Shadows blotted out
the sun, wrested blood, bones
and words from mouths and nascent
breath from wombs.

Gold was their panacea, their souls
they laid upon Mammon's
glittering altar, as rebel saints' missals
stained cruel crimson.

Such malcontents seeking redress He
banished into limbo, sundered
legacies of history's pilgrims of peace
in grim attendance.

Nor dissent nor usurpation would He
countenance, this herald of the
spirit's plague, its famine and ruination 
amid gilded air and contrived radiance.

Man grew wary of Light amid his own
ominously waning awe for Life.
Coruscating mirages showering sparks
into nothingness held him in thrall.

Nothingness could not prevail, for naught
remained to sustain its vastness.
Now the meadows bloom grey and we,
the living, must seek ancient seeds
in the gold flecked dirt and hope for rain.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image: HOPE
Artist: George Frederic Watts
Source: Google Art Project

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


A sudden spurt of life,
a surge before the ebbing,
thus a dying flame
prepares for darkness.

This is life's final gift,
moments of lucid calm
beneath branches 
sprouting violet stars,
a hazy vision of 
girlhood Summers.

Now abandon all anchors
for backward looking
sentiment, scrape the
memories from your skin,
this weary, thinning
palimpsest awaiting its
last lyric of liberation.

Shadows breathe, these
shall whisper you free from
your debts to light,
from voices like scythes
and maelstroms
of icy verbs.

Let your tears wash tableaux
of anguished regret
from your eyes, for naught 
could restore our
childhood sunshine.

Walk the penumbral path
paved with imbricating
vignettes of pain, 
for such you shall never 
see again. Death is
a poem, sister, and you are
its lyrical heroine.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Charles Courtney Curran

Monday, 25 May 2015


Eternal Spring in these woods reigns,
fair Chloris here e'er breathes,
in moonlit glades the Dryads dance
'mid trees in pearly sheaths.

Spirit am I of blossomed banks,
of streams with gilt bedropped, 
this blended light my soul sustains,
as blooms with carmine topped.

'Mid gentle gales the currents sing,
as dazzling arrows dart
from bush to rill to orchards lush,
to buds their song impart.

Wing'd jewels airy patterns trace,
'pon dew filled cups alight,
their airy fleets the wavelets skim,
the carp and trout delight.

Silvern bounty to Earth descends,
anon the river swells,
crystal splendour the waters decks,
their chiming rebirth spells.

'Neath glowing spreads of purple stars
young Hylas his harp tunes,
his golden notes the Naiads charm,
our love the dells perfumes.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Henry Ryland 

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Whose canvas art thou, little jewel
on wing? What magic
brush doth he wield, who traceth 
thy curves and waves,
such in violaceous tones arrayeth?

What convey these rainbow stipples
and spots, thou beauteous
friend of zephyrs? Did the artist, shy,
fearful of discovery, thus
secret epistles to his beloved pen?

Or art thou a fragment of a painter's
palette, weary grown of 
leafless halls, borne aloft by colours
athirst for Summer's blue,
of a celestial crystal azure bereft?

Perchance did fair Iris her riven robe
with silver stardust strew,
for shimmering shreds o'er flower'd
meadows to cast, that
Earth her floating vestments may don.

My poet's tongue thy song would limn,
thy mystical mission, thine
earthly purpose, for my childhood days
didst thou with lightness imbue,
with joyful teaching and gentle healing.

Thro' groves thine airy path I followed,
'long brooks, 'neath oaks, 'pon
carpets of sky; when Angels our souls 
spirit away, our hearts
e'er in Summer's greenwoods shall fly.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: John Collier

Friday, 22 May 2015


An Angel to earthly realms descended, 
Heaven's light in her
heart enshrined. O'er meads she roved,
thro' woods redolent
of growth and perishing, for life's circle
to read, for mortal essence
to imbibe, ere 'pon her sacred mission 
she embarked.

Men and women this radiant being with
misgivings regarded,
for such light had they never seen, save 
in rarest visions of ancient
memories their hours of deep slumber
held - this they knew not. 
Sole infants and babes in arms laughed
and smiled in her tongue.

Into her embrace they hastened, bearing
gifts of garlands for her
long, golden tresses, revelling, flourishing
in her aura of eternal blooming.
Unwearying this celestial messenger her
mark stamped upon Earth's
darkest corners, hallowing hearts and
homes, fields and folds.

Such goodness, alas, oft with bitterness
meets. Envy and mistrust
in the guise of a woodsman's arrow this
gentle guardian's form pierced. 
A wounded Angel 'mong the roses bled
'mid shouts of acclamation 
for the doughty marksman. The land and 
its children he had preserved.

No cries uttered she, but wordless lay in 
Summer's arms, when, from
the wide blue yonder, feathered factions
gathered; doves her prone
form into the ether raised, as roses wept,
parted, for from her blood
an ever flowering shrub arose, for snowy
stars 'pon innocence to shower.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Evelyn de Morgan

Thursday, 21 May 2015


You heeded the siren call of shadows,
standing before a resplendent 
gateway to the stars. Did you not see the
hand I held out to you, sister, or
hear my impassioned pleas, as turbid
vortices beguiled you, inveigled your soul
into their murky depths?  

I espy you on the fragrant shores of past
summers, building walls with
your words where bridges should
have been. Now you cower in the belly of
the insatiable Dark with your
beloved dried blooms. Winter winds are
your sole companions now,
these minions of Death, laden with the
weariness of torpor. 

Fiends taunt embers struggling for breath
beneath the ashes amid
Summer's unseen splendour. Alas, they
have traded their immanent
diamond sparkle for gilt and rhinestones.
I yearn for the arms of our
childhood Summers, when we lay beneath
the climbing roses, drowning in
their scent, listening for unnumbered
sounds that dwell in Silence.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Charles Courtney Curran

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Her sparkle approaches upon the
crest of a rising wind.
Over green swells she sails, skims
silver lined leaves and
roseate clusters, ascending pallid,
airy stairways to drench
the clouds with her crystalline light,
with perfumed earthly dew.

Pearly pillars brace the brazen blue,
their brilliance blinds, as
Summer, unbeknownst to man and
beast, creeps into dark 
woods, claims the rillets and distant
frowning crags. Even the 
shyest wood violets extol her buoyant
spirit with sparkling song. 

Our hearts exult in Apollo's spirited
steeds surging across
Heaven's canvas, in Clytie's coronet
of scented heliotrope, 
as she gazes upon his countenance.
And I shall weave his
white gold rays into baskets aplenty
for the Solstice's treasures. 

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Louis Janmot

Sunday, 17 May 2015


In sylvan glades I bide, in bluebell woods,
'mid wildflow'rs far as the eye can see,
Spring's emerald meadows I deeper tint,
my spirit alights 'pon ev'ry tree.

The briar rose in my aura I clothe,
as sated bees thro' the dense air plough,
thirsty dells in the noonday heat sigh, call
to dewy winds that lave each bough.

My sun kissed lamps the arching bowers rim,
their honeyed sweetness butterflies sip,
wing'd blossoms to groves of old oaks flutter,
their petal hues 'pon woodland floors drip.

'Pon ancient forest spreads young lasses rest,
where Druids 'neath gilded catkins danced,
wreaths half-woven 'pon the grass abandon,
by garlands of flitting blooms entranced.

My music larks thro' dawn's gossamer thread,
as rainbow droplets bedeck the plains,
the early light with scents and vapours melds,
my perfumed haze the laughing springs stains.

Now the great golden orb 'pon the grain smiles,
warmth and light 'pon Nature I bestow,
o'er orchards and fields robust zephyrs glide,
for these isles with plenty to endow.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Hans Thoma

Saturday, 16 May 2015


Fly, downy arrows, over Summer
meadows, over verduous
phalanxes stretching their arms
into the wide blue yonder.

Hasten, Heaven's haloed hopes,
to flowered banks, for
over the howling wind I hear our
tomorrows' tremulous whispers.

Whirl, gossamer wraiths, through
Summertide's scented waves,
for my sisters and I would sway
upon Earth's green spreads.

Fleet, fragile, fey flurries, beneath 
serried rows of scented
violaceous garlands, for our souls
yearn for birth and blooming.

Soar, airy shuttles, through warm,
gilded streams, weaving
laughter, harvesting joyous hues
for our petalled coronets.

Glide, faerie wind dancers, toward
fragrant fields lining the hazy
blue horizon, for there our dreams 
of blossoming await.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

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