Tuesday, 31 May 2016



In Night's shimmering silence accoutred,
reposed in a jewelled pause,
she sought a portent of golden hours
upon the horizon, of wondrous revelation
upon burnished paths.

Through blind mists of forgotten Seasons
the absent Moon rose
into her pining spirit, that first receptacle
of Life's supreme benefactions,
beaming nacrescent rays
through her every strand, plane and pore.

Ocean and ether, struck breathless, gazed
upon an unwonted vision,
upon a goddess of the sky some mystical
device had brought into corporeal being.

An insomnolent merlin, unaccustomed to
Day's beauty in Dark's domain,
halted his wheeling, as though pinned to
lofty currents by pearly darts,
his cry of awe riving the resting waters,
drawing her eye to Ariadne's crown
in the sand-stippled ink of the shallow.


Upon that silver moment, the young mystic
beheld an argent stream
in the spangled brine, infolding,
coiling into Earth's venter, as though she
were womb and mother of
that distant coronal glow.

The very air tasted of stars, no more mere
celestial orbs, but kin to Destiny,
her eternal votaries and vehicles,
keepers of her clock, mirrors of our souls.

Aye, every twinkling point of light holds
the vastness we would seek within, a vastness
that expands, evolves, into the space
betwixt the faraway fire and the inner flame,
dissolving boundaries of dust and flesh,
of mind and thought, that our beings might
assume its radiance.

A sparkling tear she shed into the shallow,
a saline drop aswell with her inmost joy,
for her reflection wore a divinity's ornament,
a coronet of stars, a halo of starlight.

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Artist: Eustache Le Sueur

Friday, 27 May 2016


Upon the rim of a golden beam
I sailed into the embrace
of the fleeced blue,
into the tranquil abode I knew
from visions and dreams
of crystal clear waters that sing
amid rainbows within.
Each memory bursts anew into
varicoloured flames
as the Sun smiles upon
the audacious grey
that awhile commands his realm,
upon a celestial emissary
who showers a poem of cascade,
wind and radiance upon Earth.
Rain spells the land's destiny;
her streams carve Nature's green;
spate and drouth trace
death's contours upon her visage,
with ragged green bestrewn
or bleached and barren beneath
contented sighs of pellucid skies,
their sacred duties discharged.
In the heart of a moonlit pool I bide,
this Summertide night,
as in the garden of your soul that
hailed my journey,
at Dawn to serve the Great Circle.
I, as you, would merge with
Oceans upon Earth and beyond,
for I, a mere raindrop,
thirst for the Light.

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Source: www.grimshaworigin.org
Artist: John Atkinson Grimshaw

Sunday, 22 May 2016


A sublime Love made this blossom,
her green-gold disc aglow
as a working heart beating gratitude
to mystical currents that rule
the eternal Circle of Birth and Death.

In violet winds she steeps her fragile,
fulgent whiteness, swirling myriad
graceful limbs in a vapoury
Castalian Spring, her countenance
laved in the warmth of her
oracle and Hope, of the Great Fire of
the skies who whispers of illumination
to all Earth's creatures
in the eternal language of Light.

Would you speak my prayer, blossom
child, fairest suppliant
of vernal gardens, mirror of the soul's
own Spring? Would you, gentle pilgrim,
retrieve my Faith from its crypt
amid petrified Flow and frozen stone?
Could I, this day, cease plaining
for Springs bartered for Winters?
Could I relive the taintless joy of infant
years and undimmed vision?

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image Source: 10eighty.co.uk

Sunday, 15 May 2016


A lapis chime rides breezy waves
with a tremble and a flutter,
as the mourning starling shelters
betwixt billows of Twilight's
radial rhythms, for an ancient law
rules she may not claim the sky.

Nay, the eagle alone could rise into
the rapture of a violet-blue
throng upon the rippling lane to yon
misty Sun pillar, to eventide's
phare of watered gold, tinting every
crest with prayer and praise.

Rest your form, weary warbler! Let your
tune of woodland and beck
take wing, soaring to blossom souls
that were the glory of our Morning,
for Light unveils the Eternal
in your song, as in the eagle's pinions.

Aye, you are alike fated to glide over
diverse paths earthly and etheric,
through varied spans along spirals of
brightness and dark to a Haven
that loves every bloom and song,
every ave and wing,
where all shall be One.

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Source: www.pinterest,com
Artist: Elihu Vedder

Friday, 13 May 2016


The Flames of a flowering Earth
raze the portals of Dark;
a Blossom's soul rises, for to meet
the Sun upon a petal rim,
light ensphering atom,
atom ensphering light,
as her prayer ascends the ether.
This radiance I would lead
through my veins, for its Fount
blooms upon Nature's altar.
Aye, even my scars utter
a Summer sky's cerulean distich,
this sacred Day,
dispelling toneless sighs
into the dying murk
upon the leaden wing of a last
stricken thought,
of a wounding blessing that
pierced spirit and vessel,
that they might glimpse a kinship
beyond the threshold of matter.
My breath and gaze
rise through despair into Light,
as a seed into Life
through a Season of snow.
"My every child may 
carve a path for Chance."
So, Mother decrees.

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Source: www.the-athenaeum.org
Artist: Elihu Vedder

Monday, 9 May 2016


Time bows before the Cosmic Trigon
upon this day of jewelled earth,
dewy amber and watercolour breezes,
for Nature, Light and Eye flow into
Oneness in Spring's embrace,
each contained within and without,
beyond memory and form.

A blossom wears the glow of its fruit;
the Oak calls to the unborn acorn
through sunlit catkin drapes, her arms
awaiting the warmth and waves
of plumes and birdsong;
wood violets dream of aery blue spreads,
as the Sun seeks his splendour
in the forest stream.

Creation's triumph crowns the glorious
merging of Path, Pace and Journey,
for she renews her noblest Instrument
this Season, sustenance and balm
of timeless conjuncts that heals
the birth-wound, eases the dying breath.
Hope, she brings forth anew
into glorious Being, that Life may 
build a bridge toward Eternity.

© 2016 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Image Credit and Copyright: Steven Spence

Thursday, 5 May 2016


The winds sing no more of Seasons;
songless arms sweep aeons,
our chronicles of moments and ages,
onto Clotho's winged swathes
of dark and bright silver rippling over
a shroud of living Grey
that grips Earth's breath in its vise.

The Fire of Reckoning, pyre and phare
of liquescent crimson,
blazes upon a distant purple summit,
holding her mute vigil
over bloodless ruins and shadows
awaiting Light, over sightless spirits
sifting through the detritus
of Dark's reign.

And we, votaries of Life, seek refuge
at the altar of a new Divinity.
Sun, Moon and Stars hallow
Her temple without,
yet, Silence whispers a wordless elegy
into its tenebrous sanctum,
loath to impose her voice upon the air
that bears sacred memories,
for, in this space, Love was wedded
to the Soul, and the Spring of this union
brought forth Elysium's Roses.

Look upon us, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos,
labouring amid the stars,
upon your sons and daughters made of
wars you wove, yet,
bearing no trace of them.
Aye, Turmoil's inferno forged our beings,
yet, we cast our Beacon in its womb,
culling our inmost sparks
rooted in Eternity, invoking Peace amid
carnage and clamour,
that the Flame of Hope may live.

Source: flickr.com
Artist: Elihu Vedder