Saturday, 31 January 2015


Her anima you could not spatter
upon your canvas, nor its
journey trace upon parchment.
No earthly likeness could contain
its vastness, no tongue
conceived by man its undulating
silhouette explicate, nor brush,
nor quill its merging
planes and strands limn.

Instead, let your heartstrings quiver
with her tunes, her image
engrave upon the dome of your
spirit. She sways to the
rhythm of Life's first heartbeats,
your cold silences she would
suffuse with its sacred joy.

Behold how she melts stars in her
crucible, a shimmering poultice
prepares for your frozen heart!  
The choicest hues of her own skies
she would harvest, these to
splash upon your overcast vault.

Her grace shall succour as you
traverse rugged expanses,
when harsh Day's splinters sting
your flesh. She sees your boat in the
squall, your sojourns in
barren hills and lonely caverns,
your search for light, for lightness.

Your ragged breath she hears, as,
blind to time and place,
you labour thro' Winter winds 'neath
bitter skies. Your bleakest
spaces she knows, your waterless
springs whispers into flowing.

Speak to her of your dreams, that
she may place provision
in your path. By her sublime Light
shall you live when Life's tides
engulf your sun. As your earthly form
verdant, tellurian swathes
treads, shall your soul dance
upon her ætheric shores.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum


Friday, 30 January 2015


What joy would time's passing
bring me, Muse of
the lower world, a divinity fated
to charm Life into
Death's maw with her chanting?

Elysian Light melds with Stygian
streams, this snare
of bittersweet notes sails thro'
the windless calm,
every breath a false promise of
mantic knowledge
pledged to stain great Poseidon's
realm ruby, my island
abode to festoon with morbid
mortal wreckage
tethered to its very air.

Chant I must, for in silence would
I perish. Yet, I yearn
for release, for the skies of my
dreams rain cascades
of blood, darkly glistening drops
devour visions my
secret heartsong weaves in the
unsullied radiance of
maidenly reveries.

My spirit journeys upon sparkling
Zephyrs to
fair Arcadian climes; there, love
resides and reigns;
my womb brings forth new life,
exults in its blossoming,
in Persephone's bounty.

Upon these craggy shores, my
form rides Fate's
capricious tides, at her bidding to
merge with these azure
waves, to strew my fruitless musings
into its darkest depths.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Edward John Poynter

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


'Mid frozen caverns I first drew breath,
Life's elixir I contain,
Her tributes to distant oceans bear,
Nature's ev'ry child sustain.

Seeds and ashes alike I gather,
as my course o'er land I carve,
lush riparian bounty explicate
to the gay song of the sparve.

Of ambles thro' sunlit glades I sing,
of my pure blue glacial home,
these eyes e'er childhood's crystal tints seek
in yon vast cerulean dome.

Sky and Earth rejoice my lays to hear,
their plenitude 'pon me show'r,
Sun's golden cascades my wavelets crown,
inlets sacred oaks embow'r.

The rhythm of my waters follow
to a place of boundless pow'r,
onto paths untrodden dauntless stray,
thro' direst perils ne'er cow'r.

Great treasures there by the wayside lie,
praiseworthy spirits await,
daunting trails sole mountain torrents ride,
of beauty untold relate.

'Mong snowy peaks shall we silence breathe,
belief and forbearance learn,
'pon craggy paths our vanities shed,
our inmost yearnings discern.

Kinfolk are we, wanderers weary,
ephemeral joys our fate,
to Earth's flowing womb must we return,
sole Mother our thirst would sate.

My music your soul's longing shall quench,
its echoes therein shall dwell,
as blithesome thro' the æther you roam,
shall you hear my currents swell.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Monday, 26 January 2015


Is this my childhood haven?
What ails these
vast, pebble-strewn shores
that once spoke
wisdom and solace? Where
are the fey starlings
whose darting flight shattered
the crystal sunshine,
showering varicoloured sparks
over waters that
contained turquoise skies?

Here I sought refuge when
light surrendered
its breath. Now its spectre
taunts my darkness,
the overcast glow that shrouds
the planes of my soul.
Shadows I cannot shake tear
at old gold rays
that would enfold me, these
trimmings that veil
a void seeking substance.

Aureate filaments float into
niveous blossoms,
their grave and shrine. The lake
tints every likeness
sepia, its nostalgic wavelets
transforming each 
moment into the following one's
past, pausing now
and then to grant me glimpses
of light the skies of
my mind shall never know.

This liquid prism scatters my
visions into hazy, 
grey-green depths, into this
cavernous watery
cathedral, crypt of my childish
hopes and dreams.
Their demise I do not rue, for they
rest upon Earth's
bosom. No, it is not death I would
dread, but the
meagreness of breath in life.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum


Friday, 23 January 2015


Blushing blossoms thy feathered breast tint,
for thus they hope to fly,
'pon thy carefree wing would they ascend
to airy swathes on high.

Thine ev'ry note their perfume imbu'th,
thro' misty swirls thou weav'st,
in thy wispy path e'er rejoicest,
Summer's passing ne'er griev'st.

These woods with vibrant song thou fillst,
their forlorn depths rendest,
rainbow shards unto its darkness giv'st,
joy to its heart sendest.

Thou gay acrobat in florid vest,
from shrub to tree thou springst,
thro' dawn's glowing gossamer dartest,
peace to my spirit bringst.

Had I thy sapience, o bloom in flight,
thro' Winter would I sing,
childhood's dreams to thee I surrender,
sole thou wouldst give them wing.

Of my woes to thee I would not tell,
thy tender plumes ne'er weight,
thy breezy dance, thou rosy arrow,
my yearning soul shall sate.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum


Wednesday, 21 January 2015


My alleys of jade-stained light hold
the panacea you seek,
restless voyagers! In my dark depths
must you plumb your own.

I, the keeper of your earthly breath,
of the infant gurgle of
fledgling streams, shall e'er alchemise
your spirits' lees into
fragrant wine, into vivifying clouds of
dew-flecked emerald.

Here, the Goddess reposes 'mid veils
of pale faerie blossoms.
Her limpid eyes mirror silver starlight
cascades as they hallow
distant swathes of eternal tranquility.

Liquid pearls of gladness she showers
o'er her children, that they
may gather armfuls of her joy, these
jewels to weave into an
opalescent tapestry, nacreous oblation
to lay 'pon the Day Star's altar.

Wordless map your souls 'neath His
aureate rays in this
enchanted silence, as my daughters,
seeking communion
with elysian spirits, stretch their arms,
for to embrace their
downy companions drifting 'cross the
spreading cyan vault.

Send forth your wishes this day into the
ætheric abode of our
celestial brethren! These shall they bless,
with wings endow, that
they may hasten toward your yearning
hearts, their rightful haven.

Hark, for their white gold pinions beat
divine grace, forgiveness.
Their rhythms shall raise you up to the
Light, that you may bathe
in the radiance of your true selves.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Ivan Shishkin

Monday, 19 January 2015


You awoke to shattered dreams;
neither wonder nor miracle
greeted you, merely a mewling mortal
mass, all your disenchantment and
despair condensed into this
miniature likeness of yourself. 

Your voice was your weapon, boring
through my being, searing my
forming flesh anew with every breath
I dared to steal. Into the invisible

I retreated, into the depths of
life's darkest shadows, my penance. 

Now this wound beats inside me like
a second heart, its reverberations
growing ever stronger, threatening to
unlock the gates of my silence,
to raze these walls my bloodless
fingers cemented with the
remnants of my spirit.

I would be whole again, scarless. This
half-light would crush me in its
coils. How it grips my throat in its vise, 
robbing me of half-drawn breaths!

Have I inherited your blood lust, your
taste for taking life drop by precious
drop? No, the Universe did not blight

me thus. Still, the air around me wilts.

Words sustain me, I imbibe them
ceaselessly. Yes, I am word drunk, but
lonely miles stretch between
phrases, empty worlds between
sentences. An abrading uncertainty
enshrouds me, follows the radial paths
of my pulsating pain.

My kind have cast off their ephemera.
I long to be free as they, free of this skin
I wear, of this sin of drawing earthly
breath you condemned me to.

Music in my heart and clouds in my
bones, floating on the colourless sea of
space, undaunted shall I
holler the word 'love' into Eternity,
cast its essence into the æther.

Far from this carnival of chaos, with the
fullness of my breath alone would
I pen a new narrative
upon a filmy, fulsome nothingness.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Maximilian Pirner

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Words cleave the cold, torpid silence,
your pronouncements 
destined for life's rife, overstuffed 
annals, settle a while
around the misty glow of frosty white
candles, tributes to your Saint.

A reluctant warmth hovers over the
edge of your glacial 
bitterness they shall bear into Infinity,
a burden never to be
eased. Ghostly flames gutter, tremble,
as they lean gently in
to enfold the softly comforting waves
your barbs repudiate.

I seek respite on the starlit lawn, away
from the agonised
moans of this dying space; I look to the
pallid watercolour 
sphere my dreams ride. Its brightest
drops I would enclose
in my unlearned hands, in my naive,
unknowing heart.

All my hope condenses into one moment, 
magnifying my senses,
claiming the space of my breath, melding
my spirit with visions
of my own glowing chrysalis, of a happy
emergence into light.

Alas, death trails me; the air thins, pearly
moonbeams petrify, 
shatter in midair, relinquish their hoary
shivers to the briny drops 
filling my eager, cupped, childish palms.
This light I shall never hold, 
merely its watery grave.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

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Thursday, 15 January 2015


Your whistling crescendo garlands
the crepuscular air, hovers
'pon cascades of night jasmine, as
Twilight braids myriad 
diamond blossoms into Dark's lush,
lustrous locks.

Fragrant cadences I imbibe 'mid
the pearly gossamer.
Their cascading silver my soul
could not sunder
from the frozen sparkle of Night's
dearest jewels, from
Selene's nacred glow.

No brighter gem I see, glorious one!
Joyously paired are we;
you sing, for to hallow, hearten and
heal, for to stir my
petrified heartstrings into 
resounding praise.

Dawn peers o'er the horizon, Night's
jewels she gathers to
her earthly heralds' tunes.
My paeans rise upon my wing into
the Day Star's gentle,
honeyed warmth. 

Nightingale and lark are we, our
spirits wedded, as mountains
to the mist, as perfumed 

meadows to the soft Spring breeze.
At Day's portals our 
melodies entwine, each note 
to its mate restored,
eternal cantillation our blessing,
eternal harmony our mission.

© 2015 Lily's Verse
Lilium Candidum

Artist: Pierre-Auguste Cot